Dr. Dan-Nicolae Ionita

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Dr. Dan-Nicolae Ionita
Medic Primar
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Dr. Dan-Nicolae Ionita este medic primar in Chirurgie Plastica si Estetica de diverse tipuri, cu o bogata activitate stiintifica.

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• Chirurgie plastica si reconstructiva generala: tumori de tegument si parti moi, traumatisme, arsuri, sechele posttraumatice, postcombustionale
• Malformatii: otoplastii, sindactilii, maladii amniotice, despicaturi labio-maxilo-palatine
• Chirurgia plastica, reconstructiva si estetica a sanului – augmentari, mastopexii, reductii, reconstructii (inclusiv microchirurgicale complexe – lambouri DIEP)
• Chirurgie estetica de conturare corporala (liposuctie/lipofilling, abdominoplastii, lifting de brate, coapse, fese, augmentare fese)
• Chirurgie estetica faciala (blefaroplastii, lifting cervicofacial, rinoplastii)
• Procedee estetice de rejuvenare (injectari de acid hyaluronic, toxina botulinica
Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Carol Davila - Bucuresti https://umfcd.ro/
Lucrări publicate

Activitate stiintifica

  • Ionita D., Enescu D., Giuvelea S., Stoicescu S., Mitrache P., Optimal timing for burned hands in children, Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters - vol. XXVIII - n. 1 - March 2015
  • Enescu, D. Ionita, I. Gutau, R. Alexandru, S. Giuvelea, M. Enescu, Pediatric burns in Romania, Burns, February 2007, Volume 33, Issue 1, Supplement, Pages S41–S42
  • Ungureanu AR, Ioniţă D, Drăghici L, Andrei D, Enescu DM, Drăghici IM., The impact of melanocytic cell destruction in pediatric facial burns and plastic surgery therapeutic management, Rom J Morphol Embryol. 2014;55(3 Suppl): 1215-9.
  • Capitanescu C, Macovei Oprescu AM, Ionita D, Dinca GV, Turculet C, Manole G, Macovei RA, Molecular processes in the streptokinase thrombolytic therapy, J Enzyme Inhib Med Chem. 2016 Dec;31(6):1411-4
  • Enescu D., Bratu T., Berechet-Comanescu P., Ionita D., An alternative for local treatment of superficial burns, Annals of Burns and Fire Disasters, September 2008, The Annals of Fires and Burn Disaster, 21(3):138-40
  • articole publicate in “The Annals of The Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons” in perioada 2004 – 2012
  • 18th International Course on Perforator Flaps, Ghent, Belgium, November 15th -18th 2017: Salvage of hip prosthesis with pedicled vertical DIEAP-flap in a vascular compromised patient
  • 5th World Congress of European Club for Paediatric Burns, October 8th – 11th, 2008, Gdansk, Poland - Particular treatment strategy for electrocutions
  • The 14th International Congress of the International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, June 26th – 30th, 2007, Berlin, Germany: Plastic surgery in Romania – our experience over 17 years on 15000 cases
  • 13th Congress of the International Society for Burn Injuries, September 25th–29th, 2006, Fortaleza, Brazil - Paediatric burns in Romania
  • 13th National Surgery Congress, 2006, May 24th – 27th, Baile Felix – Oradea: Actual performance in Romanian paediatric plastic surgery
  • International Symposium ‘Actual Concepts in Burns Treatment’, 2005, November 25th – 27th, Bucharest, Romania: Organization and cost – efficiency of a burn centre; Special issues in paediatric burns; Prophylaxis of severe infections in extensive burns
  • Prezentari la congresele si conferintele Asociatiei Chirurgilor Plasticieni din Romania – in perioada 2004 – 2011
  • Multiple Burns in Children After a House Fire, XVth Congress of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons (ROAPS), XIIth Congress of the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society (RASS), XXth Mediteranean Burns Council Meeting (MBC), 16th – 19th of May 2018, Bucharest
  • Variations Of The Deep Inferior Epigastric Artery Perforator (DIEP) Flap, XIIth Congress of the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society (RASS), XXth Mediteranean Burns Council Meeting (MBC), 16th – 19th of May 2018, Bucharest, Romania
  • Studies regarding producing and using a composite dermal matrix for covering extensive burns in children, 2004 – 2006
  • Heterografts for improving or saving life, 2004 – 2006
  • Obtaining artificial epidermis through cultivating keratinocytes from patients in laboratory for efficient treatment of certain skin diseases, burns and politraumas, 2005 - 2008
  • Innovative approach of using matrix networks micro- and nano- structured for modulating tissue processes with relevance in covering tegument defects, 2006 - 2008
  • The modern approach in hand and forearm trauma – unitary concept of surgical treatment, functional recovery and socio-professional reintegration, 2006 – 2008
  • Studies concerning the clinical value of operative monitoring of total amino acids level in severe skin burns children, 2007 - 2010
  • Enzymatic Debridement in Burns Patients: A Comparison to Standard of Care – Phase III - 2006 – 2007, "Grigore Alexandrescu", Hospital, Bucharest
  • Study to Demonstrate the Efficacy and Safety of Propranolol Oral Solution in Infants With Proliferating Infantile Hemangiomas Requiring Systemic Therapy (HEMANGIOL) – since 2011, "Grigore Alexandrescu", Hospital, Bucharest
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Clinica Victoria Medicover

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Toaleta/ pansament simplu 116,00 RON
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Excizie leziune cutanata <1 cm 600,00 RON
Consultatie chirurgie plastica Dr. Dan Ionita 242,00 RON
Consultatie de control chirurgie plastica Dr. Dan Ionita 143,00 RON
Excizie lipom Dr. Dan Ionita 528,00 RON
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