Dr. Ramona Doina Matei

Medic Specialist
Ramona Doina Matei
Ramona Doina Matei
Dr. Ramona Doina Matei
Medic Specialist
Despre medic

Dr. Ramona Doina Matei este medic specialist in Hematologie cu experienta in domeniul medical. Este membru al Asociatiei Europene in Oncologie clinica, Societatii Romane de Radioterapie si Oncologie Medicala si al Societatii Americane de Oncologie clinica.

Limbi străine
Medic rezident Hematologie - Spitalul Clinic Judetean, Cluj-Napoca
Medic specialist Hematologie - SC Salvosan SA, Zalau
Medic rezident Oncologie - Institutul Oncologic "Ion Chiricuta", Cluj-Napoca
Medic specialist Oncologie - Institutul Oncologic "Ion Chiricuta", Cluj-Napoca
Medic specialist Hematologie - Spitalul Municipal Cluj
Universitatea de Medicina si Farmacie Iuliu Hatieganu - Cluj-Napoca http://www.umfcluj.ro/
Lucrări publicate

Activitate stiintifica

  • ESMO Annual Meeting, 2017
  • ASCO Annual Meeting 2017
  • ASCO Annual Meeting, 2016
  • ESMO Preceptorship on Prostate cancer, Lugano, 2016
  • ESMO Preceptorship onLymphomas, Lugano, 2016
  • ESMO preceptorship on Breast Cancer, Lisbon, 2016
  • ASCO Workshop on Clinical Trials, Cluj Napoca, 2016
  • ESMO-ESO ABC Breast Cancer Consensus, Lisbon, 2015
  • ESMO Masterclass In Oncology, Bratislava 2015
  • ESMO Preceptorship on Imuno-Oncology, Geneva, 2015
  • ESMO Masterclass in Oncology, Liubliana , 2015
  • Summer School in Oncology, Bucuresti, 2015
  • Congres SRROM, Sibiu, 2015
  • Course on Lymphomas for Oncologists, Praga, 2014
  • ESMO Masterclass in Oncology, Dubrovnik, 2014
  • "Are BRCA1/2 next generation sequencing results comparable across platforms in Europe? A validation study of BRCA testing in Romanian high-risk breast cancer patients", co autor, publicat in The Breast,martie2017, volum 2 , suplement 32
  • "Increased incidence and severity of Capecitabine related skin toxicity in metastatic breast cancer patients with light skin type" - poster acceptat pentru prezentareorala la congresul MASCC din Washington 2017 ; autor principal, publicat in Supportive Care in Cancer, Volume 25, Issue 2 Supplement, June 2017
  • "Lack of means for counseling breast cancer patients harbouring BRCA 1/2 mutations is associated with sometimes unnecessary surgery"-autor principal,poster acceptat pentru prezentare orala la congresul MASCC din Washington 2017 si publicat in Supportive care in Cancer,Volume 25, Issue 2 Supplement, June 2017
  • "Resection of solitary bone metastasis in breast cancer patients- a case report", autor principal, , articol publicat in Journal of Radiotherapy and Medical Oncology, Volume 19 Number 1 2013
  • "Non-Hodgkin cerebral lymphoma: an athypical case" coautor, poster- Congres national de Hematologie Clinica, 2013
  • " Relationship between young age and acute leukaemia outcome" coautor, poster , Congres National de Hematologie Clinica, 2012